sowers seed | be careful ‘how you hear’

Was ‘born again’ in 2003, and while I have walked a rocky road, in me I have deep love of the word of God. There truly is only one name given under heaven by which we are to be saved & that name is Jesus! He truly IS the Christ, the messiah of GOD! When i first believed, i had no concept of exactly who this Christ was other than my belief that through the finished work of Christ, i was made acceptable to GOD who confirmed it by giving me of HIS SPIRIT! My prayers were always to GOD, in the name of Jesus; this is the only way to approach GOD. As I grew in the word, it became clear to me that the doctrine of the ‘trinity’ was not as cut and dried as it was made out to be and I don’t recall really understanding their teachings on it other than their saying that Jesus is GOD. Over the years, the scriptures I read made it clear that Jesus is NOT the supreme GOD of the o.t. and that contrary to what I was taught, Jesus in fact HAS a GOD. Then when I began asking questions concerning these scriptures, besides the disdain i was met with from people i considered my mentors, i also noted changes in the way I was being perceived by my peers so much so that eventually I was flagged as a heretic and told ‘only GOD can reveal Christ as GOD by His Spirit’. A senior pastor actually told me i was not ‘saved’ because of my view on Christ from scriptures they have yet to explain to me. While everyone was claiming to be ‘bible believing’ Christians, my experience in numerous discussions with people in my congregation, many of them authoritative teachers of the word, proved to be quite different.

The situation deteriorated to such a degree that I subsequently left the congregation where i was born-again. My current view, based on what i have read in scripture, completely rejects orthodox Christianity. Much of their doctrine carries with it a diabolic & subtle undercurrent of untruth, so as to render the very basis of the faith completely inconsequential. It is written, that we are to ‘reprove’ these wicked works, but evidence of blatant corruption of scripture has been almost entirely ignored by those who claim to be its ‘protectors’. While I do acknowledge I was saved among them, I also recognize I have no place among them since they have substituted the worship of GOD for the worship of the High Priest who serves in the temple of GOD!

This blog is my sharing some of the revelation I believe GOD has given me.


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